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Take mail merge to the next level.
Show your customers how important they are to you.

Don’t waste your customer’s attention. Instead, build valuable relationships through better customer engagement and grow customer loyalty by sending one-to-one communications, not generic mail.

Mail merge, unleashed.

With PrintShop Mail Connect, every aspect of a letter can be easily personalised thanks to its feature-rich user-friendly interface.

Drag and drop

First, it’s a question of dragging and dropping all the resource you’re going to need on the page. The images, the text files, everything is there, ready to be used.


When you need a more advance behavior or in-depth personalisation, wizards take you step-by-step through the process. For example, a conditional paragraph can be added in a letter using a wizard.

Advanced features made simple

A ton of cool possibilities are available by a simple click. Here, the signature is anchored to the body of the letter with a right click. It will follow the length of the content and always appear at the right place.

Subset finishing

A wide variety of production decision can be made the time of printing with access to all the printer’s functionalities like tray selection, finishing, imposition, grouping, splitting, booklet, etc.