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For Print Service Providers

We have a sweet spot for print shops.

Works with any database format

Works with any database format

CSV, dBase, XML, Oracle, SQL Server, you name it, PrintShop Mail Connect supports it. Any customer, whatever their database format, can get help with their VDP project. Just say yes we can!

No graphic design knowledge required

Unlike some VDP solutions that are actually plug-ins to complex design applications like Adobe InDesign®, PrintShop Mail lets you use any design created in any application as a base, and compose promotional documents by adding fields, variable text boxes, address boxes and variable images.

No graphic design knowledge required

Fast, reliable printing

PrintShop Mail Connect has a long list of high speed optimised output options. Performance packs can be added to the base product to make it output even faster. And if you’re dealing with high-volumes and complex jobs, AFP and IPDS output can be added as options.

  • Optimised PostScript®
  • PPML
  • PDF
  • VIPP
  • PDF/VT
  • VPS
  • AFP (optional)
  • IPDS (optional)

Advanced capabilities for print experts

N-up, step-and-repeat, print through-the-stack, subset finishing with access to all printer functionalities. We make it easy to do your job right.

  • Optimised PostScript®
  • Finishing options
  • Imposition
  • Grouping, splitting and slip sheets
  • Booklet