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Thanks to the powerful conditional database content selection feature of PrintShop Mail we were able to deliver a true one-to-one marketing campaign.

Hans Huijsing, Auto Benelux

The only way to realize all our variable printing ideas was a mature and well established software solution.

Johan Nise, Digitalprint, JMS Mediahus Syd

It had to be easy to use and possible to print to any PostScript printer in the market.

Johan Nise, Digitalprint, JMS Mediahus Syd

We generate about two million personalized printed pieces per month using PrintShop Mail.

Ken Bradley, MidLantic Marketing.

[...] as we learned to utilize its features to create large economies of scale, we increased our sales revenue by 20%, while lowering production costs by 40%.

Ken Bradley, MidLantic Marketing.

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The software will be in evaluation mode, which will allow you to print 25 records at a time with a watermark. Valid license (dongle) is required to be able to print without a watermark.