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Call-your-customers-by-name software

PrintShop Mail is a standalone variable data printing and composition tool that optimises VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed.

What is VDP

PrintShop Mail in a nutshell

  • Think of Word® mail merge, on steroids.

  • Easiest to use standalone VDP solution on the planet.

  • Works with any data format and your printers.

Typical applications

PrintShop Mail in action

Merge and print any design in 2 minutes. 2:10

Get personal with your customers

Apparently people like to be called by their real names. Go figure. PrintShop Mail allows you to personalise your promotional communications by varying text, graphics, barcodes, or entire layouts based on information found in your database.

More about VDP

Document design

Use PrintShop Mail's intuitive drag-and-drop interface to personalize the look and content of your promotional documents such as letters, advertisements, direct mailing, flyers, certificates or any other type of promotional documents.

PrintShop Mail Designer tool

Mail merge

When Word® mail merge function is not enough, PrintShop Mail is there to rescue you. It is easy for anyone to use at the office, allowing to go further with personalisation than just addressing. Set up and print documents in just minutes.

Mail merge with PrintShop Mail

Adding & creating barcodes

PrintShop Mail has an extensive barcode library that you can easily use thanks to wizards. Benefit from postal barcodes to save on postage, or add QR Codes to create a promotional piece that you can track.

Generating barcodes with PrintShop Mail

Advanced features

Excel® style functions, page picking, subset finishing, multiple page per sheets, printing through the stack, N-up… start mailing like a pro with PrintShop Mail’s advanced features.

Advanced functionnalities

Call Jim by his real name now.

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